Notes: June 22, 2008 – Judges 16

Samson and Delilah, and Samson’s Demise

  • Realizing the ambush awaiting him, Samson left the harlot’s house at midnight and tore down the city gates and carried them off, posts and all (1-3).
  • Moving from one bad relationship to another, Samson befriends Delilah who plots with the Philistine lords to discover the source of Samson’s strength (4-5).
  • Three times she fails to learn his secret (6-14); but after playing the “You don’t love me” card, Delilah succeeds in swaying Samson to disclose the truth (15-17).
  • Actually, the source of Samson’s strength was the Holy Spirit and not his hair; but Samson seems to have been (willfully?) ignorant of that fact; and even more ignorant of the fact that the Lord was no longer with him (20).
  • Powerless because God had departed, Samson is easily taken captive, blinded and bound, and forced to work like an animal (21).
  • Some time later, blind Samson was paraded before the people (21-25).
  • He called upon the Lord for strength; and he was able to destroy the building and the 3000 people who were standing on the roof.