Notes: June 21, 2008 – Judges 15

With the Jawbone of an Ass

  • Samson attempted to be reconciled with his wife; but her father refused (1-2)
  • When Samson set the Philistine fields afire (4-5), they retaliated against his wife and her father (6).
  • Samson, understandably, fought back (7-8).
  • To avoid battle with the Philistines, men of Judah sought to bind Samson and deliver him to the Philistines (9-11).
  • Samson submitted to them; but he broke free and killed 1,000 Philistines (14-17).
  • God caused water to flow from the jawbone (19) to refresh Samson, who judged Israel for 20 years (20).

Meditation Points:

The dead bone became an instrument of death and a vessel of life.