Notes: June 6, 2008 – Joshua 24

  • Joshua recounts the history of Israel (1-13).
    • Abraham’s pagan beginnings, and subsequent pilgrimage in Canaan.
    • Isaac.
    • Jacob and Esau.
    • The move to Egypt.
    • Moses and Aaron.
    • The exodus and the crossing of the Red Sea.
    • Amorite opposition destroyed.
    • Balak and Balaam.
    • Jericho.
    • Possessing the land they did not labor in, or build or plant.
  • The charge (14).
    • Fear the Lord.
    • Serve Him in sincerity and in truth.
    • Put away (false) gods of your fathers.
  • The choice (15).
    • The (false) gods of their fathers.
    • The (false) gods of the Amorites.
    • The LORD.
  • The people acknowledge God’s goodness and promise to serve Him (16-18).
  • When Joshua warns them that God is holy and they are not (19-20), the people renew their promise to serve the LORD (21). Joshua declares that the people are witnesses against themselves (22); and the people consent (23).
  • Joshua wrote the event the book of God, and erected a stone memorial (26-28).
  • After the death of Joshua, the people of that generation continued to serve the LORD (31). Joshua, Joseph, and Eleazar were buried (30-33).

Meditation Points:

  1. Do you know the history of God’s work among your ancestors?
  2. Did you notice that the Israelites were still harboring, if not honoring, pagan idols from Egypt?
  3. God is holy; and sinners cannot serve him. You must be born again.
  4. You really have to give credit to those Egyptian embalmers. The body of Joseph just spent more than 40 years in the hot sun!