Notes: June 5, 2008 – Joshua 23

What message would you deliver if you were in Joshua’s shoes?

  • I am old (verse 1). I have been around a long time; I’ve seen a lot of things; I won’t be around much longer.
  • You have seen God at work on your behalf (verse 3).
  • Keep on keeping on (verse 6). Don’t turn from the straight and narrow path that God has set before you (verse 6).
  • Don’t get involved with pagans and their paganism (verse 7).
  • Although the numbers are against you, God is for you; and you will prevail (verse 10).
  • If you start running around with unbelievers, they will become snares and traps and scourges and thorns to draw you away from God (verse 13).
  • God has kept His promise to bless you. You can be sure that if you will turn away from Him, God will keep His promise to destroy you (verse15-16).