Notes: June 2, 2008 – Joshua 18 & 19

Meditation Points:

  • A word to slackers (Joshua 18:3).  How long will you procrastinate? Go and get what belongs to you! Is there a lesson here for modern believers who live neutralized or defeated spiritual lives?
  • Seven tribes had not settled yet (Joshua 18:2). Each tribe was to send 3 scouts out to survey the land and report back to Joshua.  After the 21 men returned from spying out the land, Joshua divided it by lot to the seven tribes.
  • The portion given to Judah was more than they required, so part was given to the tribe of Simeon (Joshua 19:9). On the other hand, the portion given to Dan was too little, so they had to advance farther.
  • After all the land was apportioned, the tribes gave land to Joshua (Joshua 19:49).
  • Did you hear anyone complain that his “lot” in life was unfair?