Notes: May 30, 2008 – Joshua 13-14

Meditation Points:

  • Joshua 13:1. Have you accomplished everything in life that you had hoped? Has age taken its toll on you both mentally and physically? Do you expect to “get it all done” before you die?
  • Joshua 13:6; Joshua 14:2. The land is divided by lot. Not by “chance”, but by lot. It was not lucky that a particular tribe received a particular piece of property; it was providential–God controls the casting of lots (Proverbs 16:33; Proverbs 18:18).
  • Joshua 13:14, 33. In lieu of property, the Levites had the presence and service of God as their inheritance. How many family arguments about the disposition of estates would be ended of everyone were content to have God for an inheritance?
  • Joshua 14:10-11. Joshua was old and stricken; but Caleb was still going strong. They had the same living environment for 40 years. We don’t all age the same.
  • Joshua 14:12. Don’t fear the giants if the Lord is with you. Ask for the mountain.