Notes: May 23, 2008 – Joshua 2 & 3

Meditation Points:

Rahab’s faith and works are mentioned in James 2:25. What are the facts?

  • She lived in Jericho
  • She was a harlot (prostitute)
  • Two Israelite spies took lodging in her house
  • Someone told the king about the Israelites at Rahab’s house
  • Soldiers were dispatched to arrest the spies
  • Rahab hid the men on the roof of her house
  • She told the soldiers that the men had gone and she didn’t know where they went.
  • After the soldiers left, Rahab told the men that it was safe to leave.
  • She lowered a red rope from a window in her house on the city wall, for the Israelites to escape.
  • Before they left she made them promise to save all her family. Indeed, she lobbied for their lives.
  • The spies agreed that if she didn’t tell anyone that they had escaped,  and if she should both gather her family into the house and hang the red rope from the window, the spies would accept responsibility for the safety of Rahab and her family.
  • After 3 days hiding in the mountains, the spies returned to camp to declare that the people of Jericho were afraid of the nation of Israel.

Joshua rallied the people for the imminent invasion. What are the facts?

  • He spoke to tribal representatives who spoke to the congregation at large.
  • Entrance to the promised land would begin in 3 days.
  • In keeping with the Lord’s instructions, the ark of the covenant, carried by priests would lead the congregation.
  • Because the people had not passed this way before, they should move behind the ark, and never lose sight of it.
  • The Jordan river was to stop as the priest-borne ark was carried into the water.
  • These things were to confirm God’s presence among them.