Notes: May 16, 2008 – Deuteronomy 26 & 27

Meditation Points:

  1. In Acts 1:8 Jesus said that His disciples would be witnesses unto Him. Have you ever considered what kind of witness you are, or have you ever been a witness of God’s saving grace? In 26:1-7 of today’s reading, there is a basic outline for such a testimony.
    • Who I am.
    • Where I’ve come from.
    • How I got to where I am today.
    • To God be the glory.
  2. While the sinner should never profess faith in Christ because of the expectation of blessing, it is unlikely that anyone would turn from his sins without such expectation (26:12-15).
  3. The relationship between a man and God is two-way: the man acknowledges God and His commandments, and God acknowledges the man and his needs (26:16-19)
  4. Men build monuments for many reasons. Is there a better reason than to remind humanity of God’s salvation (27:1-10)?
  5. “Cursed be” occurs 12 times in Deuteronomy 27:15-26. Perhaps you’d be interested to learn what behavior attracts the curse of God.