Notes: May 13, 2008 – Deuteronomy 20 & 21

War, wickedness, wives and wayward children

  1. The pre-battle encouragement to faith (20:1-4)
  2. Draft exemptions (20:5-9)
  3. Peace or destruction (20:10-18)
  4. Save the trees (20:19-20)
  5. Unsolved murders (21:1-9)
  6. To take a wife – literally (21:10-14)
  7. Polygamy and the estate (21:15-17)
  8. An incorrigible son (21:18-21)
  9. The curse of hanging (21:22-23)

Meditation Points:

  1. Fear not, for the Lord your God is with you (20:1).
  2. The soldier cannot be thinking about his new home, his new business or his new wife when he’s facing the enemy.
  3. Distant enemies should be avoided if possible; but near enemies cannot be tolerated. Pick your battles.
  4. Food trees had more future value than lumber trees.
  5. Society is held accountable for wrongful deaths.
  6. The foreign bride must be treated with respect.
  7. Is it ever possible for man to love two people equally?
  8. Parents must not deny the obvious recalcitrance of their children.
  9. The Romans might leave a man hanging and suffering on a cross for days; but Jesus, once dead, was taken down from the cross.