Notes: May 10, 2008 – Deuteronomy 14 & 15

Holy People…

  • Holy people don’t mark up their bodies in memory of the dead (14:1-2)
  • Holy people glorify God in what they eat and in what they don’t eat (14:3-21)
  • Holy people give back to God a portion of His blessings to them (14:22-26)
  • Holy people are compassionate toward the poor, whether they be widows, orphans, foreigners, or religious workers (14:27-29)
  • Holy people keep short accounts (15:1-8)
  • Holy people don’t scheme to find ways around their obligation to love their neighbor (15:9-11)
  • Holy people recognize the value of their servants (15:12-15)
  • Holy people are the kind of people you’d give anything to work for (15:16-18)
  • Holy people give their best to God (15:19-23)