Notes: May 2, 2008 – Deuteronomy 1

Three Old Testament books are most often quoted in the New Testament; they are Psalms, Isaiah and Deuteronomy. This fact alone should make the Christian interested to read this second giving of the law.

I.  Verse 3 indicates that these words were spoken at the end of Israel’s forty year wandering. We should not be surprised to find a lot of the most recent history retold, along with encouragements to trust God and to take the land which is before them (1-8).

II. Moses reminds the people that he was not able to govern them alone; and that representative elders had been appointed to oversee the affairs of the people (9-18).

III. Furthermore, they are reminded that the previous generation had rejected God when 10 spies gave an evil report, even though God had been taking care of them ever since the exodus from Egypt (19-33).

IV. God was angry with the unbelievers and sentenced them to die in the wilderness without ever reaching the promised land (34-40).

V. When the people thought to add presumption to their sin of rebellion, they lost a battle to the Amorites and they lost the ear of God, too (41-46).

Meditation Points:

  • How much of your life can be recalled as so many accounts of God’s deliverance or judgment?
  • Do you take too much responsibility and not delegate enough to others?
  • Does the majority opinion influence you more than does the word of God?
  • Have you ever been defeated because you were not in the will of God?