Notes: May 1, 2008 – Numbers 35 & 36

I. 48 Levitical cities to be established throughout the land, including 6 cities of refuge (35:1-8)

See also Joshua 20:7-8)

Cities of Refuge

II. The law concerning murder and manslaughter (9-34)

  • refuge cities are to be spaced throughout the land, 6 on each side of the Jordan River
  • a revenger of blood has the right to pursue and kill the man-slayer
  • the man-slayer may flee to one of the refuge cities, where he will receive a fair trial
  • murderers should be put to death
  • unintentional, non-premeditated man-slayers may live without fear in the city of refuge until the death of the high priest
  • the refuge is forfeited if the safety of the refuge city is abandoned for any reason
  • the right to take the man-slayer’s life ends with the death of the high priest
  • the same law applies to citizens, resident aliens, and foreigners

III. Clarification on the land rights of women (36:1-13)

  • land will not pass from tribe to tribe through marriage
  • women (with land rights) must marry within their tribe

Meditation Points:

  1. Our refuge is in Christ our God (Psalm 46:1; Hebrews 6:18)
  2. He is refuge for Jews and Gentiles.
  3. As our High Priest, He never dies; therefore our refuge is eternal.
  4. Outside of Christ there is no refuge.
  5. In Him there is refuge for the innocent AND the guilty.