Notes: April 29, 2008 – Numbers 33

This chapter presents a review of Israel’s 40-year journey from the old slavery of Egypt to the new freedom of Canaan.

From the many events of that generation, a few are highlighted:

  • The exodus began after the first passover (Num 33:3-4)
  • The crossing of the Red Sea (Num 33:8)
  • The oasis of Elim (Num 33:9)
  • The lack of water at Rephidim (Num 33:14)
  • The death of Aaron in the 40th year of their wandering (Num 33:38-39)
  • The notice that a Canaanite king takes of the approaching nation (Num 33:40)
  • The encampment near Jericho and God’s charge to take the land (Num 33:50-56)
    • drive out all the inhabitants of the land (Num 33:52)
    • destroy all their pictures, images and high places
    • dispossess the inhabitants of the land (Num 33:53)
    • dwell in the land that I have given you
    • divide the land by lot (Num 33:54)
    • do not fail to obey, or I will do to you as I thought to do to them (Num 33:55-56)


From Egypt to Canaan