Notes: April 27, 2008 – Numbers 31

English language Bible study guide used by Trinity International Baptist Church of Athens, Greece.


Balak had failed to get a prophet to curse Israel (Numbers 22-24), but the Midianites were able to vex Israel by enticing them to sexual and spiritual whoredoms. In consequence, God instructs Moses to destroy the Midianite nation.

  1. Twelve thousand soldiers are sent out (1-6).
  2. The Midianite men are killed including five kings; the Midianite cities are destroyed; Midianite possessions are taken as spoils of war; but the Midianite women and children are brought back to the camp of Israel (7-12).
  3. The Midianite boys and any Midianite girl/woman who had previously had sex were killed (13-24).
  4. God orders the spoils of war divided between the troops themselves and the congregation; and He expects each group to present a percentage of the spoils as an offering (25-47).
  5. In gratitude for not losing any soldiers in the battle, the troops make a separate, free-will, offering worth 16,750 shekels (48-54).

Meditation Points:

We find that Balaam, the prophet who could not curse Israel, had counseled the Midianites as to how they might vex Israel (Numbers 31:8, 16).


Spoils from the Midianite Conquest
Captured Total Soldiers’ Tribute 1/2 X .2% Congregation’s Tribute 1/2 X 2%


675,000 675 6750


72,000 72 720


61,000 61 610


32,000 32 320