Notes: April 26, 2008 – Numbers 29 & 30

It’s never too late to join our comprehensive, 3-year, through-the-Bible reading program. These notes follow the daily schedule that we use ourselves at Trinity International Baptist Church in Athens, Greece. Two evenings each week we gather to discuss what we’ve read since our last meeting, and recordings of those discussions are usually available through links found along with the reading schedule. English is our language of choice for all discussions; and you’ll find a comfortable informality at every meeting.

 Chapter 29 of Numbers continues yesterday’s discussion of various feasts and offerings.

  1. The feast of trumpets (1-6)
  2. The day of atonement (7-11)
  3. The feast of tabernacles with its eight days of sacrifices (12-38)

Chapter 30 of Numbers presents the laws concerning vows.

  1. When a man vows, the vow cannot be broken (1-2)
  2. When an under-age and unmarried woman vows, her father can annul the vow (3-5)
  3. When a married woman vows, her husband can annul the vow (6-8)
  4. A widow or divorced woman is bound to the vows she made, even though her husband is no longer around (9-15)

Meditation Points:

Regular daily and weekly sacrifices and special feast days and feast weeks provided many opportunities for the devout to worship God. Is God in your thoughts more than just at holiday seasons?

God takes seriously our vows to Him. (Ecclesiastes 5:1-6)

Christ, the husband of the Church, has every right to annul our errant vows and intentions.