Notes: April 23, 2008 – Numbers 25

English language Bible study guide for the 3-year through-the-Bible reading program in use by Trinity International Baptist Church of Athens, Greece.

Meditation Points:

  • Why would a believer want to marry an unbeliever? Does his love of the unbeliever supercede his love of God? What, then, can be said of his so-called love of God?
  • An unbelieving spouse will, consciously or otherwise, attempt to dissuade the believer from his allegiance to the true God.
  • Sexual satisfaction is all too often more important than saintliness and sanctification.
  • Some people are so rebellious towards God that they will publicly display their disdain for His law. Such treason cannot be tolerated in a theocratic kingdom.
  • The individual who stands up against the masses for the honor of God should be rewarded.