Notes: April 21, 2008 – Numbers 21 & 22

A city set on a hill cannot be hid; neither can a small nation moving through the wilderness.

  1. When Canaanites take some Israelite prisoners, Israel asks God for help; and the Lord delivers the Canaanites into the hands of the Israelites for destruction (21:1-3).
  2. Looking upon a brazen image of a serpent raised on a pole is the only remedy for serpent-cursed Israel (21:4-9).
  3. As Israel moves closer to the promised land, various enemies rise against them, only to be quickly defeated (21:10-35).
  4. Balak, king of the Moabites, seeks to enlist the services of the prophet Balaam to curse the approaching nation of Israel; but Balaam refuses. (22:1-14).
  5. A second set of representatives appeals for Balaam’s help; and Balaam agrees (22:15-21).
  6. Balaam learns a valuable lesson from an ass (22:22-35).
  7. From the high places of Baal, Balak shows Balaam the people he should curse; and Balaam defines the rules of his services (22:36-41)

Meditation Points:

  • See how Jesus uses the fiery serpent event as an illustration of His own forth-coming crucifixion in John 3:14-15.
  • Though Balaam was not of the nation of Israel, he seems to have been known by the Lord.