Notes: April 19, 2008 – Numbers 17 & 18

Numbers 17

After the attempted coup of the previous chapter, God publicly demonstrates (again) that He has chosen Aaron to be the high priest. This He does by causing Aaron’s rod alone, from amongst 12 other rods of tribal significance, to come alive and to bud (1-9).

The now-living rod is kept with the ark of the covenant as a perpetual reminder of God’s election (10-11).

The people rightly are afraid (12).

Numbers 18

1-7. What the priests and Levites are to be doing.

8-19. How the priests’ needs are to be met.

20-24. How the Levites’ needs are to be met.

25-32. How the high priest’s needs are to be met.

Meditation Points:

  • God has the right to choose whom He will.
  • As God caused Aaron’s rod to come back to life as proof of Aaron’s call to be high priest, so God raised Jesus from the dead as proof that Christ was the great High Priest accepted by God to atone for the sins of the world.