Notes: April 18, 2008 – Numbers 16

Meditation Points (by verse number):

1. Korah was a Kohathite, a Levite assigned to carry the sacred furniture. Apparently this honor and responsibility did not satisfy him.

2. 250 Princes joined with Korah, Dathan and Abiram in the rebellion. Sometimes the children of leaders can be the worst rebels.

3. Had Moses and Aaron taken leadership roles upon themselves? No. The complaint was actually against God’s choice of leaders.

3. Were all of the Israelites qualified to lead? No. Their constant complaining is evidence enough to the contrary.

12-14. Dathan and Abiram absented themselves from the public challenge; but they soon discovered that God would not allow them to escape the conclusion of the matter.

26. Believers must separate themselves from those who are under the wrathful eye of God.

31-33. Who controls the movement of the earth?

35-40. Not only the leaders, but the co-conspirators in the rebellion were judged.

41-50. Are these complainers the same ones that Korah said were holy and qualified to lead (verse 3)?