Notes: April 15, 2008 – Numbers 12-13

Meditation Points (by verse number):

Numbers 12

1. Who was this Ethiopian woman, and how did Moses meet her? Is this a reference to Zipporah (Exodus 2:21; 4:25), or to another?

1. Was the controversy over the fact of Moses’ marriage, or the the person whom Moses married? Many family arguments have been started over these same two ideas.

2. It seems that the marriage question was not the real issue. Instead, Miriam and Aaron were actually upset with God. Often the attack is aimed at a wife when in reality the complaint is against the husband; often the attack is against the man of God when in reality the complaint is against God Himself.

3. How meek are you? Jesus is meek (Matthew 11:29; 21:5). Meekness is evidence that the Spirit lives within (Galatians 5:23).

4-9. God is angry, and He deals with this sibling rivalry quickly.

10. Miriam’s color change makes one wonder whether the complaint against the Ethiopian wasn’t racially charged.

11. Aaron pleads with Moses; Moses pleads with God. “Pray for me,” they often ask. Why don’t they pray for themselves?

15. This sin of one (two?) caused the whole nation to be delayed for a week.  What a far-reaching affect!

Numbers 13

1-20. Twelve men sent to spy in Canaan.

23. Some saw grapes on clusters long.

28. Some saw giants big and strong.

30. Some were ready to go with God and take the land.

31-33. Some were afraid, thinking only of their own weaknesses.