Notes: April 14, 2008 – Numbers 11

English language Bible study notes from an evangelical perspective by Trinity International Baptist Church of Athens, Greece.

Watch out what you ask for, and how you ask for it!

When the people of Israel complainingly ask for food other than the miraculously and regularly supplied manna, Moses intercedes for them; and God grants their request above their wildest expectations. But the blessing is short-lived.

Meditation Points by verses:

1. Complaining displeases the Lord

2. The effective, fervent prayer of Moses resulted in cooling things off

4. A mixed multitude can mix up the thinking of those who should know better

5. Don’t live in the past; enjoy God in the present

6. The covetous person thinks little of God’s bounty

10. Complaining displeases a man of God, too

11. Ministerial responsibilities can be burdensome when our faith dwindles

13. Who can provide except God?

14. I cannot bear this burden alone.

15. I’d rather die at God’s hand than to see my own wretchedness.

15-17. Read Acts 6.

18. God tells Moses to announce coming food in great abundance.

21-22. Moses does not understand how God can provide as He promised.

23. Is the Lord’s hand waxed short?

28-29. Reminiscent of Jesus rebuking his disciples (Mark 9:38-39).

32. As promised, God provides a massive quantity of quail.

33. As promised, God’s blessing becomes a curse upon the people.