Notes: April 9, 2008 – Numbers 4

Part of a three-year Bible reading program that progresses chronologically from Genesis to Revelation, as used by Trinity International Baptist Church in our English language Bible studies.

Counting the Levites

Levitical Family Number of age-qualified men
Kohath 2,750
Gershon 2,630
Merari 3,200



Meditation Points: 

What?  No women allowed to minister in the tabernacle? And nobody older than 50 years? And nobody less than 30 years old? That just isn’t fair! We need to pass a law criminalizing such sex and age discrimination. And they probably didn’t allow Buddhists, Muslims or atheists to work there either. And no doubt they kept homosexuals and lesbians out, too. We’ve already seen that they didn’t allow people with physical disabilities to be priests. Who do they think they are limiting the leadership to men of a certain age? I want to speak to the one who is behind all of this…

How old was Jesus when He began to teach and preach?