Notes: April 8, 2008 – Numbers 3

English language Bible study guide from Trinity International Baptist Church of Athens, Greece.

Job assignments for the Levites

Family Location around the Tabernacle Census of males one month and older Work responsibility
Gershon West 7,500 The tent and its coverings, hangings, cords, and curtains
Kohath South 8,600 The ark, the table, the lamp stand, the altars and the utensils
Merari North 6,200 The boards, bars, pillars and sockets


22,000 (22,273)

Moses & Aaron East   Packing and unpacking and daily and special services


Meditation Points:

  • The Priests and Levites encamp immediately around the Tabernacle, between the Tabernacle and the other Tribes. So also the sinner must approach God by way of Christ the servant and high priest.
  • Moses and Aaron, though Levites themselves, are separated from the others.
  • The Levites must carry the sacred furniture, but they are not to take part in the packing and unpacking thereof.
  • The Levites were accepted by God as a substitute for all the first-born sons in Israel. The first-born who were not thus redeemed by a Levite, were to be redeemed by money.