Notes: April 4, 2008 – Leviticus 26

Promises and threatening; blessings and curses


If Israel keeps God’s sabbaths and statutes, and forsakes their own idolatrous statue, then God will bless them (1-13).

  • agricultural plenty (4-5)
  • peace and safety (6)
  • perplexed enemies (7-9)
  • prosperity (10)
  • God’s presence (11-13)

If Israel forsakes God’s law, then God will withhold good and heap evil upon them (14-39).

  • fear (14-15)
  • defeat (17-18)
  • barrenness (19-20)
  • wild animal attacks (21-22)
  • rationing and famine (23-29)
  • enemy invasions (30-32)
  • terror and confusion 33-39)

If Israel repents of its rebellion, God will forgive them; nonetheless, God will not utterly forsake His people (40-46).

  • God will be merciful (40-43
  • God will visit them in the land of their enemies (44)
  • God will remember His covenant (45)

Meditation Points:

God has the right to be merciful to whom He will. Has He been merciful to you?

Disobedient children, no matter how much loved by their parents, should expect discipline from those loving parents.

When these evils come upon a modern nation, who ever suspects that God has brought them?