Notes: March 30, 2008 – Leviticus 20

Bible study guide in English from Trinity International Baptist Church in Athens, Greece.

I. Molech worship forbidden (Lev. 20:1-5)

II. Consulting wizards forbidden (Lev. 20:6-8; Lev. 20:27)

III. Disrespect to parents forbidden (Lev. 20:9)

IV. Adultery, incest and bestiality forbidden (Lev. 20:10-21)

V. Promises made (Lev. 20:22-24)

VI. Distinguishing clean from unclean required (Lev. 20:25)

VII. National holiness required (Lev. 20:26)

Meditation Points:

  • Interpreters are divided concerning the precise Molech ritual. Was this a sex orgy, or does “seed” refer to children? Were children burnt alive, or did they walk between two flames?
  • It appears from 2 Kings 16:2-3 and 2 Kings 16:20 that Hezekiah was thus dedicated to Molech as a child.
  • Please note the death penalty for adultery, incest and bestiality (10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16). God hates sin.
  • Those who belong to God must not live as do those who don’t know God (22-24).
  • How holy is God? Be holy, as He is holy.