Notes: March 14, 2008 – Exodus 39

I. The holy garments of the high priest, made of blue and purple and scarlet linen adorned with gold and precious stones, were worn during the high priest’s service in the holy place (Exodus 39:1-31).

  • ephod (2)
  • girdle (5)
  • breastplate (8)
  • robe (22)
  • coat (27)
  • mitre (28)

II. The tabernacle and its furnishings were the central location for the priest’s ministry (Exodus 39:32-43)

  • tent, with its taches, boards, bars, pillars and sockets (33)
  • coverings for the top and sides (34)
  • ark of the testimony (35)
  • table of showbread (36)
  • lampstand (37)
  • altar of incense (38)
  • brazen altar (39)
  • courtyard hangings, sockets, and pillars (40)

Meditation Points:

  1. All of this was for the education and edification-shall we say, salvation-of the Israel of God. As such, the names of the tribes of Israel were prominently displayed whenever the high priest functioned (6, 14).  So also the redeemed people of God of all ages are known whenever  the true High Priest of God pictured by this earthly tabernacle ministry, Jesus Christ, ministers in heaven.
  2. Let us never forget the holy character of God and our responsibility to worship him in holiness (30).
  3. There is a blessing for those who do the work of God exactly as He has prescribed it (32, 42-43).