Notes: March 13, 2008 – Exodus 37 & 38

The furniture of the tabernacle summarized

Exodus 37

I.  Ark of the covenant and the mercy seat (Exodus 37:1-9)

II. Table of showbread (Exodus 37:10-16)

III. Lampstand (Exodus 37:17-24)

IV. Incense altar (Exodus 37:25-29)


Exodus 38

V.  Altar of burnt offering (Exodus 38:1-7)

VI. Laver (Exodus 38:8)

VII. Curtains (hangings) Exodus 38:9-20)

VIII. Financial/material accounting (Exodus 38:21-31)


Meditation Points:

  • No chairs, no musical instruments, no pulpit, no overhead projector.
  • The tabernacle with its furniture, priesthood and sacrifices was a picture (a type) of a spiritual reality-how to approach God. Jesus says in John 14:6 that He is the way to God. If so, then the tabernacle was a picture of Christ who is the only acceptable sacrifice for sin, the light of the world, the true bread of life and who cleanses us from our sins, intercedes on our behalf and opens the way into the presence of God.
  • Did anyone say that this was a waste of gold and silver and other resources?