Notes: March 11, 2008 – Exodus 34

The Giving of the Law-a Second Tme.

I.  Let’s start all over again(Exodus 34:1-4)

II. Let Me tell you who I am (Exodus 34:5-9)

III. Here’s what I’m going to do, and what you are going to do (Exodus 34:10-17)

IV. Special seasons of worship (Exodus 34:18-27)

V. You could tell he’d been with God (Exodus 34:28-35)

Meditation Points:

  1. Moses broke all ten commandments (literally), but God was gracious to allow him to start over again.  How many times have you started over again?
  2. God says that He is merciful, gracious, longsuffering, full of goodness and truth and forgiving; but that He will hold men accountable for their sins. If God were to call you to give account of your life today, how would you fare?
  3. After God’s declaration of human responsibility, Moses bowed and worshiped.  How many people today submit to God’s divine right to judge the affairs of men?
  4. No entangling alliances should prevent Israel from following God.  Too often our relationships prevent us from holiness.
  5. Weekly sabbaths should remind the people of God’s claim to their lives; but God required additional special seasons of spiritual awareness and dedication.
  6. After so much time with God, Moses’ appearance changed.  Yours would, too.