Notes: March 5, 2008 – Exodus 26 & 27

Continuing details about the Tabernacle, its construction, furniture and use.

Exodus 26

I. Three coverings for the roof (1-14)
a. a linen inner cover that would be visible from within the structure
b. a middle goats’ hair covering
c. a 2-sided outer layer dyed red

II. Prefabricated wood panels overlaid with gold formed the sides (15-39)

III. A curtain (kjv: vail) divided the interior into two rooms; the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat were behind the curtain in “the most holy place.” (31-37)

Exodus 27

I. Outside there was a brazen altar (1-8)

II. The courtyard was kept private by a wall of curtains on all four sides (9-19)

III. The lampstand inside was to be lit at all times (20-21)

Meditation Points:

From the outside and at a distance you would see a large red structure surrounded by a white curtain fence. (Imagine the flag of Japan with a rectangle rather than a circle.)
From the inside you would see the beautiful linen illuminated by a seven-lamp candelabra.

  • God was teaching His people about Himself and how to approach Him.
  • to commune with God one must go by way of the altar of sacrifice
  • there is only 1 door to God’s presence
  • once inside, away from the world, God still has rules
  • where God dwells is a holy place
  • since these things were a picture of heavenly realities, the construction details must be followed or the meaning would be lost