Notes: February 29, 2008 – Exodus 17 & 18

Exodus 17

I.  Water from a rock (1-7)

  • murmuring again
  • tempting the Lord
  • ready to kill God’s ambassador
  • strike the rock

II. Holding up heavy hands (8-16)

  • observing the battle
  • influencing the battle with uplifted hands
  • helping someone else to be an influence for good


Exodus 18

I.  Jethro visits Moses (1-6)

  • Zipporah and the boys had been sent home by Moses

II.  Jethro rejoices with Moses (7-12)

  • fellowship between in-laws
  • recognizing God’s greatness

III.  Jethro advises Moses (13-27)

  • the burdens of daily administration
  • sharing responsibility
  • a judicial system


Meditation Points:

  1. Murmuring is not praying
  2. The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Help others to pray.
  3. Recognizing the hand of God for good on others.
  4. Wearing out for God versus sharing our burdens with others