Notes: February 28, 2008 – Exodus 16

I.  Murmuring (1-3)

  • Less than one month after the great deliverance from Egypt and crossing the Red Sea, and the people are complaining again.
  • As usual, their complaint goes to God’s representatives (Moses and Aaron) rather than to God Himself.
  • At first, one might agree with them that it’s better to die with a full stomach than to starve to death; but that would be to neglect God’s ability and will to both provide for them this day and to care for them forever.


II.  Moses (4-12)

  • What are we that you complain to us? Who do you think we are (7-8)?
  • Your complaint is not against us; but you are complaining against God (8).
  • God’s reply? You will know that I am the Lord (6, 12).


III. Manna (13-21)

  • Quails, for the taking, arrived in the evening (13).
  • Manna, for the gathering, appeared in the morning (14).
  • Enough for everyone (18).
  • No food preservation (20).


IV.  Sabbath (22-31)

  • A double portion was gathered on the 6th day (22).
  • The seventh day was a sabbath-even before the 10 commandments were given (25, 29).
  • No manna would be available on the sabbath (26-28).


Meditation Points:

Moses did not give them the manna; God did (John 6:32).

Do not murmur (I Cor 10:10 , Philippians 2:14).

Yes, God provided manna for every day; but He did so on His terms!