Notes: February 27, 2008 – Exodus 15

Exodus 15

I. The deliverance song (1-19)

God is…

  • triumphant
  • my strength
  • my song
  • my salvation (victory)
  • my God
  • my father’s God
  • a man of war
  • the LORD
  • powerful
  • great
  • controller of wind and sea
  • unlike other gods
  • holy
  • to be praised
  • a worker of wonders
  • merciful
  • redeemer
  • guide of His people
  • strong
  • forever reigning

II. Miriam and the women (20-21)

  • Moses’ sister was a prophetess
  • Musical instruments and dancing?

III. Bitter water at Marah (22-27)

  • The glorious Red Sea deliverance is quickly forgotten as soon as the next life problem arises. Instead of murmuring to Moses, the people should have appealed to the God who mercifully and powerfully brought them out of Egypt.
  • The Lord showed Moses how to “treat” the water to make it potable.
  • A new promise: live right and you won’t suffer the same consequences as did the Egyptians.