Notes: February 26, 2008 – Exodus 13 & 14

Exodus 13

I. Passover regulations (1-10)

8, 14:  What do you tell your children?

II. Firstborn regulations (11-16)

12, 15: The males…

III. The journey begins (17-22)

19: Joseph’s bones went, too


Exodus 14

IV. The effects of hardening your heart (1-9)

4, 8: How hard was his heart that Pharaoh still wanted to keep Israel in bondage, even after the firstborn deaths.

V.  The people complain to Moses (10-20)

13: Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord

VI. The red sea divided (21-31)

25: The Lord fights for some and against others


Meditation Points:

  • God was always with His people (13:21-22), by night and by day. And He still is.
  • One event could have dramatically opposite effects on two different groups (14:20). God’s presence opens the eyes of some and blinds others.