Notes: February 25, 2008 – Exodus 12

The First Passover

Exodus 12

  1. Although written down some time later, these instructions concerning Passover were given to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt before the law of Sinai.
  2. Passover details not to be passed over.
  3. The calendar was changed so that Passover would be in the first month.
  4. 4 days before the celebration, a lamb was to be procured.
  5. The lamb was to be a yearling male without spot or blemish.
  6. Each household was to have its own lamb; but two houses might share one lamb.
  7. Blood from the animal was to be smeared upon the side and top posts of the home’s doorway.
  8. The meat was to be roasted, not boiled or raw, before eating.
  9. The meat was to be accompanied by unleavened bread and bitter herbs.
  10. Any leftovers must be destroyed and not eaten.
  11. Those partaking of the Passover meal were to do so fully clothed and ready to leave the house.
  12. At that time, God would be destroying the firstborn throughout the land; but if He would see the blood on the doorposts, the firstborn of that home would be “passed over” and thereby safe.
  13. Observing Passover was a perpetual obligation, even after Israel would enter the promised land.
  14. Anyone eating leavened bread at this time was to be cut off from Israel–either excommunicated or exterminated.
  15. Besides the preparation of necessary food, all human labor was to cease for the week.
  16. The annual Passover celebration is to give opportunity to teach coming generations about  God’s passing over Israel and smiting Egypt.
  17. At midnight, from palace to dungeon, firstborn sons were killed.
  18. The Israelites left in such a hurry that they didn’t have time for their bread to rise.
  19. Their Egyptian neighbors gladly contributed to their leaving.
  20. There were about 600,000 men with families who left Egypt that night.
  21. A mixed multitude accompanied them, too.
  22. These things took place 430 years to the day after Israel first dwelt in Egypt.
  23. Passover is not open to the uncircumcised.
  24. The same law applied to Israelites and foreigners and hired servants.
  25. The Passover meal was not to be carried out of the house.