Notes: February 24, 2008 – Exodus 11

At the end of the last chapter, we heard Pharaoh saying that he didn’t want to see Moses again about the matter of Israel’s leaving Egypt; and we heard Moses say that such would be the case.

How do we explain the conversation between the two in chapter 11?

Either of two readings will suffice:

1.  Moses never did come again to intercede for Israel. His next, and last, appearance before Pharaoh was as God’s messenger to declare the coming of the 10th plague.

2. The event of chapter 11 is a continuance of the meeting in chapter 10.


Exodus 11

I. A parenthetical summary of what is to follow. (1-3:)

  • God will bring one last plague upon Pharaoh and Egypt
  • After this, Israel will be free to go; in fact, Israel will be urged to go
  • Before leaving, Israel is to ask financial support,

    in the universal currencies of silver and gold items, from their Egyptian neighbors.

  • The Egyptians will honor the request.
  • The greatness of Moses will be recognized by all of Egypt.

II. The 10th and final plague is foretold (4-10)

  • The announcement is from the Lord
  • The appointed time is (around) midnight
  • The objects are to be the firstborn of all of Egypt–regardless of political power, laboring social status, or animal species
  • A public outcry and mourning will overtake the land
  • Israel will be unscathed.  Not even slanderous barbs shall come against them.
  • Men will see that the Lord puts a difference between His chosen family and Egypt
  • All of Egypt will beg Moses to lead Israel out of the land
  • Pharaoh will not listen
  • The Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart, so that he would not let the children of Israel go out of his land


Meditation Points:

  1. As though the 9 plagues had not been enough, God mercifully informs Pharaoh one and last time that Israel is to be given its freedom; and Pharaoh rejects this word from the Lord again.
  2. How could God be certain that these events would take place just as He predicts if He were not controlling them? The misguided view of free will which many hold today must allow, indeed demands, that such certainty is an impossibility.  Whom do you believe: the proponents of chance happenings or the God who controls?
  3. God wanted men to see that He makes a difference in His dealings with various men and/or groups of men.  Will it take another plague like this to get modern religionists to recognize God’s sovereignty?