Notes: Genesis 48-49

Bible study guide for February 16, 2008


Jacob blesses his family

Genesis 48

Jacob blesses two of his grandchildren.

I.  1-7: Jacob makes grandsons Ephraim and Mannaseh equal heirs with Joseph’s brothers

In other words, Jacob gives a double portion to Joseph.

II.  8-22: Jacob knowingly blesses Ephraim above his older brother, much to Joseph’s displeasure


Genesis 49

Jacob gathers his sons to tell them what will happen to them in the last days.


  Verses Name Future for him and his family
1. 3-4 Reuben shall not excel because of his sin with Jacob’s concubine
2. 5-7 Simeon along with Levi, scattered for their murder of Shechamites
3.   Levi  
4. 8-12 Judah to be the chief of the family, ancestor of the Messiah
5. 13 Zebulun a seaman
6. 14-15 Isaachar a servant
7. 16-18 Dan a judge
8. 19 Gad a soldier
9. 20 Asher a farmer
10. 21 Naphtali a free spirit
11. 22-26 Joseph blessed in later life though full of trouble in his youth
12. 27 Benjamin a fighter














Jacob tells all of his sons that he wishes to be buried in Canaan.


Meditation Points:

  1. Even at the end of his life Jacob loves Joseph above the other sons.
  2. Though his eyesight was failing, Jacob knew well which of Joseph’s sons he was blessing.
  3. It will be interesting to see whether Jacob’s predictions are of God and come true.
  4. Judah, though the fourth son, and NOT of Rachel, is to be the head of the family. We know that Christ was born of the tribe of Judah.
  5. Dan, though not a son of either Rachel or Leah, was a full heir.