Notes: Genesis 46-47

Jacob and his family move to Egypt.

Genesis 46

I.  God allays Jacob’s fears about moving to Egypt (1-4)

  1. Fear not to go
  2. I will there make of you a great nation
  3. I will go with you to Egypt
  4. I will surely bring you up again
  5. Joseph will meet you there

II. Jacob’s family counted (5-27)

Leah’s descendants: 33

  • Reuben
  • Simeon
  • Levi
  • Judah
  • Isaachar
  • Zebulon

Zilpah’s descendants: 16

  • Gad
  • Asher

Rachel’s descendants: 14

  • Joseph
  • Benjamin

Bilhah’s descendants: 7

  • Dan
  • Naphtali

III. Shepherds in Goshen (28-34)


Genesis 47

IV. Jacob appears before Pharaoh (1-12)

6: Pharaoh gives them the best of the land and allows them to govern themselves

9: Jacob’s testimony

10: Jacob blesses Pharaoh

V. Joseph manages to survive the famine (13-26)

  • Egyptians trade money for food
  • Egyptians trade goods for food
  • Egyptians trade real estate for food
  • Egyptians trade personal liberty for food
  • Egyptians pay 20% income tax
  • Egyptian priests receive a religious exemption

VI. Jacob’s dying wish (27-31)

28: Jacob lived 17 years in Egypt, until his death at the age of 147

29: Jacob made Joseph promise to bury his father back in Canaan, and not in Egypt


Meditation Points:

  1. A songwriter said, “If Jesus goes with me, I’ll go anywhere.” God promised to be with Jacob, even in Egypt.
  2. Jacob’s family numbered 70. Remember this total and compare it with the size of the family at the time of the Exodus.
  3. The Egyptians didn’t like shepherds. Are there any occupations today which are offensive?
  4. “The days of my pilgrimage…”(47:9) This world is not my home; I’m just passing through.
  5. The money of Egypt failed (47:15). That happens even today, on a personal scale and on a national scale.  What’s the solution?
  6. Would you volunteer to be a slave in order to survive?
  7. What percentage of your income is paid in taxes?
  8. Does it matter where you are buried?