Notes: Genesis 32-33

Trinity International Baptist Church of Athens, Greece

English Language Bible Study Guide for February 7, 2008


Jacob returns home

Genesis 32

I.  Jacob sees angels (1-2:)

1: Angels are messenger-servants of God (Hebrews 1:14) who go where God sends them

2: Jacob recognized them for what they were


II. Jacob sends messengers to Esau (3-8:)

3: Jacob had his own “angels” whom he sent to prepare the way for a reunion with his estranged brother Esau.

6: Abraham had victory with 300 men against armies; what will Esau do with 400 men against Jacob’s household?

7-8: Jacob determines to divide his group into two companies


III. Jacob asks God to protect him (9-12:)

9: Jacob reminds God that He has been faithful to Jacob’s Grandfather and Father

10: Unworthy

12: Jacob relies on God’s faithfulness to His promises


IV. Jacob sends peace offerings to Esau (13-23:)

14-19: The gifts are sent in waves, one after the other

20: Jacob’s goal was to buy Esau’s favor


V. Jacob wrestles with God (24-32:)

24: A restless night wrestling with God

25: Can Man win a contest like this?

26: Determination to receive God’s blessing

27-28: Name changed from “Jacob” to “Israel”. Jacob’s grandmother was named “Princess” by God; now Jacob is named “Prince”.

29: Jacob wanted to know God’s name. Did he learn it?

30: Is it possible to see God face to face?

31: Jacob’s limp

32: A dietary custom


Meditation Points:

When we pray and mention God’s specific promises we are praying in faith, asking and believing that God will do all that He promised.

Why would someone who knows God have to fight with God?


Genesis 33

I. Jacob meets Esau (1-4:)

1-2: Jacob sends the handmaids and their children first, followed by Leah and her children and then Rachel and Joseph.

3: He runs ahead of the women and children to meet Esau

4: Esau greets Jacob like the long-lost prodigal brother that he was


II. Jacob introduces his family (5-7:)

5-7: Jacob gives God credit for such a large family

6-8: The women in turn present themselves and their children before Esau


III. Jacob insists that Esau keep the gifts (8-13:)

8: Esau asks the meaning of the groups of animals that had preceded Jacob and his family; and Jacob personally declares them to be a gift intended to allay Esau’s wrath

9-11: Jacob insists that Esau accept the gifts which Jacob has received from God.

11-12: Esau agrees to keep the animals, and suggests that Jacob and his family go home together

13: Jacob asks to be excuse from the journey for the sake of the women and children


Meditation Points:

Should we attempt to buy someone’s affections?