Notes: Genesis 18-19

English Language Bible Study Guide for January 29, 2008

Genesis 18

God announces the birth of Isaac and the destruction of Sodom

1-8: The Lord, along with two angels, visits Abraham; and Abraham and Sarah prepare a meal of cakes, butter, milk and beef

9-15: When the Lord tells Abraham that the promised child will be born of Sarah, she laughs within herself; but the Lord knows what she’s thinking.

16-22: The Lord tells Abraham that Sodom and Gomorrah will be destroyed.

23-33: Abraham negotiates for leniency on behalf of the cities; if only 10 righteous people can be found in them, the Lord will spare the entire population.


Meditation Points:

  1. 1-8: Sitting in the shade when the sun is hot
  2. When the Lord visits
  3. Running to meet the Lord
  4. Serving the Lord and His servants
  5. Hospitality and entertaining strangers
  6. 9-15: Are we ever too old for God to use us?
  7. Laughing at God’s predictions and plans for our lives
  8. God knows our innermost thoughts
  9. Is anything too hard for the Lord?
  10. Telling lies to save ourselves from embarrassment
  11. 16-22: God gives us a glimpse of the future
  12. The good father leads his family to obey God
  13. Widespread sin gets God’s attention
  14. 23-33: Knowing that God will not destroy the righteous with the wicked
  15. Presuming to get God to change His mind–negotiating and praying
  16. Interceding for others


Genesis 19

Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed

1-3: With insight like his uncle’s, Lot welcomes the heavenly visitors into his home.

4-11: When Lot’s life is threatened by the wicked, male mob, the angels strike the sinners with blindness and pull Lot into the safety of his house.

12-14: Lot, hearing of the impending doom of the city, tries unsuccessfully to persuade his sons-in-law to join the group that is fleeing the wrath to come.

15-23: Mercifully the angels lead Lot and his wife and their two daughters out of the city, and allow Lot to choose sanctuary in the city of Zoar.

24-26: When the Lord rains fire and brimstone upon the wicked cities, Lot’s wife, contrary to the express command of the angels, looks back to see.

27-30: For Abraham’s sake, Lot is saved. Lot fears for his life in Zoar, and moves to the mountain that was first proposed by the angelic deliverers.

31-38: Lot’s daughters plot between themselves to have an incestuous relationship with their father; and the nations of Moab and Ammon are born.


Meditation Points:

  1. 1-3: Sitting in the gate of the city was an activity of public officials. See verse 9.
  2. 4-11: Who cannot see that our word "sodomy" finds its origin in this Bible passage?
  3. Sin entwines young and old alike
  4. Lot offers to sacrifice the virginity of two daughters to preserve the safety of the angelic visitors
  5. Judicial blindness. Not all blindness is the result of sin (John 9), but some is.
  6. Judgment strikes young and old alike
  7. 12-14: Abraham had negotiated for 10, but 10 righteous people could not be found.
  8. It’s not strange that Lot’s sons-in-law thought he was kidding
  9. 15-23: Lots longest day
  10. Lot lingered in the face of impending doom. Why do we procrastinate when God’s warnings are so clear?
  11. If the angels had not taken Lot and his family by the hand, Lot et al. would have been destroyed, too
  12. Lot fears for his life. How foolish! Would God who saved him from Sodom and Gomorrah lead him to his death?
  13. Judgment on the wicked is withheld until the righteous are saved.
  14. 24-26: Fire and brimstone from the Lord.  This is NOT a case of permissive will; this is God’s active will at work.
  15. The instructions were short and plain (verse 17): "look not behind." But Lot’s wife did look back, and was immediately turned into a pillar of salt.  Remember Lot’s wife (Luke 17:32).
  16. 27-30: Benefiting from God’s favor to others
  17. Foolish fears and phobias–when faith fails
  18. 31-38: Between Noah’s drunkenness and Lot’s and the resulting sins, we ought to learn to avoid drunkenness
  19. Sarah tried adultery to gain a child; Lot’s daughters chose incest. Are there no limits to the sins that women will engage in to have children?
  20. The nations of Moab and Ammon will be seen often in Biblical history as opponents of God’s chosen nation.
  21. God said that Abraham would lead his family aright; Lot’s daughters forsook whatever religious training they had received at home




  1. Praveen Titus says:

    It’s understood, atleast through the NIV observation into Genesis 19:8, Genesis 19:12 and Genesis 19:14 (sons-in-law means two of his daughters were already married. The married daughters might have tarried with their husbands. “Pledged to marry” could be translated from the original Hebrew to also mean “were married”.), that Lot might have had two married and two unmarried daughters, the latter who committed incest with him, and probably two sons as well(in Genesis 19:12 the angels ask Lot if there are others in the city to save. The sons might have been living elsewhere in the city.). In that case the number of righteous people pleaded for by Abraham would just be perfect – Lot, his wife, two married daughters and their husbands, two unmarried daughters, and the two sons – 10.