Notes: Job 36-37

English Language Bible Study Guide for January 23, 2008

These chapters present Elihu’s fourth and final discourse. Here he counsels Job to consider the works of God–always good advice.

Job 36

1-4: Introductory remarks

5-15: God uses various means at various times for various purposes concerning various people

16-25: Job’s sin has prevented him from being aware of this; and if Job had not behaved badly he would have been able to recognize God’s hand in Job’s affairs, and Job’s situation would be quite different now.

26-33: God is great

  • as seen in thunder and lightning (37:1-5)
  • as seen in frost, wind, snow, rain and clouds (37:6-13)

37:14-22- If Job cannot understand God’s sovereignty over His creation, namely weather, how can Job presume to understand God’s work in providence?

37:23-24- God is great

If Elihu really believed what he said about God and weather, surely he never complained about temperature or precipitation not being to his liking…