Notes: Job 32-33

English Language Bible Study Guide for January 21, 2008

Job’s friends have given up hope of correcting Job; and Job has declared that he found their counsel to be worthless.  But the book doesn’t end here.

Job 32

Elihu speaks to Job’s friends.

2: Although we are told a bit about his family tree, we don’t know how long this young man has been listening.

2-3: Elihu is angry with Job because he justified himself rather than God; and Elihu is angry with Job’s friends because they didn’t have a satisfactory answer to Job’s questions.

4-7: He had been quiet throughout the previous discourses because of his age, and his hope that the elders would have been able to teach Job why these things had happened to him.

8: Elihu alludes to inspiration; later we understand that he was alluding to his being inspired.

9-11: Age does not guarantee wisdom.

14-22: I will not use your lame arguments with Job.


Job 33

Elihu addresses Job.

1-7: You asked for a representative of God to speak on His behalf; here I am.

8-12: You have spoken badly about God.

13-24: God draws men to Himself by various means

  • 13-15: by dreams and visions
  • 16-18: by quiet inspiration
  • 19-22: by hardship and troubles
  • 23-24: by His messengers, preachers of salvation by ransom

25-28: Consider what God saves man from

29-30: God often uses these methods to save man.

31-33: So you should listen carefully, Job.