Notes: January 2, 2010

A Pregnant Illustration

Although not all have nor can experience having a baby, we all have heard about the experience. Jesus uses the child birth experience to illustrate the joy his disciples will have.

John 16:17-22

  • 17-18. The disciples wanted Jesus to explain further what he meant by going to the Father and not being seen and then later being seen.
  • 19. Jesus knew what their concern was.
  • 20. The principle: The world will rejoice that Jesus is gone; but his disciples will weep and lament. But their sorrow will be turned into joy.
  • 21. The illustration: A pregnant woman experiences great pain at child birth; but after the baby arrives she forgets the pain and rejoices in the baby.
  • 22. The application: The disciples will experience painful sorrow at the loss of Jesus; but when they see him again they will forget the sorrow and they will have a joy that cannot be taken away.



  1. Brother,

    I love to read this encouraging ILLUSTRATION! Thank you once again for your hospitality and fellowship yesterday. We will update you again when we arrived back home in Czech Republic. Our warm Regards to your family and all brothers and sisters-in-Christ. Blessings, George J. & Aileen Tauchman