Notes: December 31, 2009

“I am the true vine”

Jesus often taught truth in metaphorical language.

John 15:1-8

1. Think about what has just happened. After the Passover meal, Jesus gave bread and wine to his disciples. He also announced that he would not drink any more of the fruit of the vine until his kingdom had been established. And now he declares that HE is the true vine. Can we not see that he is teaching that the symbolism of the Passover vine is fulfilled in him?

2. Two groups of souls are represented in this metaphor—a. branches that bear fruit, and b. branches that do not bear fruit.

3. These two groups have two very different ends—a. fruitful branches are cleansed, and b. fruitless branches are destroyed.

4. See John 13:10-11. Throughout the Gospel of John men are viewed as being in one of two groups: those who receive Christ, and those who do not; those who have the light and those who do not. The two groups are similar in their familiarity with Christ, but they arrive at opposite ends.

John 15:9-15

1. Holy living goes hand in hand with enjoying the love of Christ.

2. Loving others sacrificially is the ultimate love.

3. What a friend we have in Jesus.