Audio: Lord’s Day Morning, February 14, 2010

If they won’t listen to God’s Word…

Luke 16:19-31



  1. Hi pastor Bob, thank you very much for the connection trough to network, thank the new re-connection I opened this site, listening your preaching I am VERY THANKFUL to you for the definition of who is RICH and what does it mean.

    To be wealthy is not bad since we use to money to build GODS KINGDOM on earth.

    According to Jesus, the Kingdom of God is within (or among) people,[Lk 17:20-21] is approached through understanding[Mk 12:34] and entered through acceptance like a child,[Mk 10:15] spiritual rebirth,[Jn 3:5] and doing the will of God.[Mt 7:21] It is a kingdom that will be inherited by the righteous[1Cor 6:9] and is not the only kingdom.[Lk. 11:18]

    I am praying for you recovery, for your family, and the whole community in Athens.

    Greetings from cold Czech Republic full of snow (40 cm in our place) to mild Athens I am missing…

    BLESSINGS, George J.Tauchman, Member of International Church of Prague