Job 9-10

Notes for January 11, 2012

In these chapters Job addresses the accusation that he thinks too little of God and too much of himself.

Job 9

2: Job agrees with Bildad that God will not put away a perfect man, nor will He help evil doers. “But,” Job asks, “how should man be just with God?” If what Bildad has said is true, and Job agrees that it is, who then can be saved?

3: Who can argue with God?

4-12: Job’s theology is revealed as he shows why it is futile to try to justify oneself to God.

4: God is wise and God is mighty-man cannot prevail in a fight with God.

5: God can be angry; and when He is angry, God may move mountains.

6-9: God shakes the earth, commands the sun not to rise and shine, spreads out the heavens, steps on the sea and makes the stellar constellations. Job’s God is the Creator and Ruler of the universe, yea of all universes.

10: God does countless things that man cannot comprehend.

11: God can pass by without my knowing He is here.

12: God takes away and no man can stop Him or ask why He does so. It’s true, isn’t it, that some aspects of our lives change: people come and go, wealth increases and decreases, health disappears, etc. and we have no control and no explanation.

14-16: I could never argue with God

22: Trouble comes to all men

25-26: The days go by quickly

29: If I am wicked, as you say, then why do I work so hard to be good?

30-31: No matter how clean I make myself, I can never be clean enough for God.

33: I need a mediator


Job 10

2: Lord, show me why…

7-8: Lord, you made me and you know me inside and out

10-13: Lord, you have been my God for many years

17-22: Lord, may I have a little rest before I die?