Job 7-8

Bible study notes for January 10, 2012

Job continues his defense to Eliphaz, and Bildad can hold his peace no longer.

Job 7

1-2: Job doesn’t inquire about predestination, but rather about everything coming to an end.

4: Job’s insomnia, restlessness resulting from troublesome days. Sound familiar?

6: The days go by too quickly and the night comes too soon. See also 9:25.

7-16: Why won’t God allow me to sleep? God gives His beloved sleep (Psalm 127:2)

17-18: I’m not so important that I should receive all this attention.

20-21: Job’s confession prefaces his prayer for pardon.


Job 8:

At this point Bildad joins the conversation, hoping to persuade Job.

2-3: Job, you are slandering the name of God.

4-6: Job, pray, and everything will be better. God will see to that.

7-10: the argument from history/tradition: Job, listen to the voices from the past.

Note: There are two forms of this argument:

a.  We’ve never done it this way before.

b.  We’ve always done it this way before.

Both argue the same point: we are right and you are wrong.

13-19: Fools and hypocrites suffer dryness of soul, as you do. (It’s difficult to escape the conclusion that Job is to consider himself either a fool or an hypocrite.)

20-21: Will God cast away a perfect man? Then God has not cast you away or else you are either a fool or an hypocrite.

22: If God be for you, who can be against you?