Audio Online

The links at the bottom of this page will take you to the monthly collections of Trinity International Baptist Church sermons and Bible studies in audio .mp3 format. All messages are in English, and we trust that you will find them to be decidedly and unapologetically evangelical.

Audio length varies from 30 minutes to sometimes more than an hour. Recording quality has been adjusted to facilitate downloads for those who do not have fast internet connections. Occasional Greek and other foreign words which are common to us sometimes creep into the messages; if we have failed to provide ample translation, please contact us for clarification.

These recordings are useful to several groups of people:

  • those who live in Athens, but who are absent because of illness, work, travel or spiritual laziness
  • those who attended a meeting, but who wish to hear it again
  • those who live too far away to attend regularly
  • those who are interested in learning more about what we believe and teach

Select from the monthly links below.