Audio: Thursday Evening, July 30, 2009

The woman at the well (John 4)

(Note: this is the last half of the study.)


Audio: Sunday Evening, July 26, 2009

Religious Commercialism

After cleaning house in the temple, Jesus spoke with Nicodemus about being born again. Jesus said that you must be born again.

Do you agree?


Audio: Lord’s Day Morning, July 26, 2009

Political Prisoner

If you can’t solve the problem, then pick on somebody else. Divert attention away from your inadequacy and toward a common enemy. Don’t have an enemy? Create one.

Acts 12:1-25


Audio: Lord’s Day Morning, July 19, 2009

Caring for your mother (church)

The church of Jerusalem sent out the gospel. The Word found fertile ground in the Gentiles of Asia. When famine came upon Judea, the young Christians of Antioch quickly raised funds to help their brethren.

Acts 11:19-30