Our Merciful Savior

Christ is merciful; His disciples are not.


Self-centered or God-centered?

Self-centered and proud. First the disciples are arguing who among them is the greatest. Second, they stop someone because he’s not part of their group.

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Who Is Jesus?

All Christians Agree Who Jesus Is

Those who disagree are not Christians.  Which are you?

Who does Jesus say He is?

Who do the miracles of Jesus say He is?

Who does the prologue of John’s gospel say He is?

Who does John the Baptist say He is?

Who do the apostles say He is?

(sermons from the gospel of John preached by Bob Feather at Grace Baptist Church, West Milton, PA, 2011)


Audio: Lord’s Day Morning, June 7, 2009

How to win friends and influence people.

Well, maybe not.

What does a murderer and Christian-basher do after his conversion?

Acts 9:19-31.