Help / User's Guide

Find exact chapters and/or verses by typing the book, chapter, and/or verse in the search box.

     Example: John 3:16

Find verses containing two or more words you want by typing them in, separated by a space.
Example: Christ mercy

Find verses containing an exact phrase by enclosing it in quotation marks.
     Example: "for God so loved the world"

Find verses containing partial words by using the wildcard *.
     Example: love* (returns love, loves, loved, lovely, etc.)

Find verses containing words keyed to specific Strong's numbers by using the # or ~ key followed by the number. Note that all Hebrew entries begin with a 0.
    Example: #0157

Select Strong's to view Strong's definitions when the highlighted word is clicked.

Select IPD to view the Internet Public Domain Lexicon definitions when the highlighted word is clicked.

(Hint: click on the lexicon name at the top of the entry to see all verses that contain words keyed to that Strong's entry.)

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